Irish Instrumental Song

So Happy St. Patrick's Day, all you Irish and non-Irish people. But let's face it. Somehow or another, we've all got Irish. If you don't have any Irish, you've got some Irish. You know what I'm saying, 
quit acting confused.

I went on down to the city yesterday. Decided I'd hear me some music and have me a little party and watch me a little parade. Okay sorry I'll stop that now.

It was fun. Jackson, Mississip gets a little wild for the Hal and Mal's St. Paddy's Day Parade. (Is it St. Patty's? It should be). I've never been able to go, and I was determined to go to it and do it right. 

I have this song on my iPod that just says "Irish Instrumental Song." No artist or title or anything. So it was obviously a part of a mix CD that I burned to my iTunes. It's so intense--I like to pretend I'm living in an Irish village in medieval times, and there's some kind of war going on, and I'm riding a horse in armor, saving people from perishing. Stop your judging. I know you do weird stuff too, perhaps just not quite as weird as I. 

In fact, one time I acted out a little dramatic scene like this one with my friend Sarah who most likely gave me the CD with the song on it. Can't help it, it just sounds like it belongs on some epically dramatic movie soundtrack. I like Irish music, but it's so incredibly random. 

The best is when people are over, and my iPod is in shuffle mode. Bonnie Rait, Tedeschi Trucks, Black Keys, then the Irish Instrumental Song comes on. I'm either laughing or bolting for the dock before anyones notices, depending on my security level of the moment. 

Anyway. As I was saying, yesterday was a good little St. Paddy's Day, even though it wasn't really St. Patty's Day. 

Parade--downtown Jackson.
So happy I got hang out with my friend Kristina! Love her! We're the ones in the green.

Then afterwards at Hal and Mal's, the Alabama Shakes shook it up. Awesome.

The lead singer Britney is the new Britney. Thank God she's replacing the other one. She's got soul, and she's super bad. She'll get you going, now. 

 I think she already deserves one-name status. All you got to do is hear her voice and feel her energy, and you know she is bad. In the really good way. Fire!

 Forget the luck of the Irish, we've got soul. 

Liza Jane