We got married in a fever,
Hotter than a pepper sprout

Man I wish I could take credit for this one--but I have to hand it over to friend/cousin
Sha who took this shot the other day.
We've been talking 'bout Jackson,
ever since the fire went out. 

Nope. Can't take credit for this one either. Another friend/cousin Rachel shot this one a year ago.
Jackson brought me the ring. Both he and Will knelt before me. The two of them as a package deal were pretty irresistible. Sure, I'd have to move out into the middle of nowhere. But I loved nowhere. And these dudes could not be denied. After I said yes, there was an undisclosed amount of excitement, and Jackson wagged his tail ferociously. 

Best Up-Dog. You know the credit belongs to me with this one. 
So this one is dedicated to my numero uno, mi amigo mejor, my perro guapo y grande. Just kind of slipped into Spanish there.
Will says Jackson's birthday is somewhere in March. Since we don't know, we typically celebrate his life all month long. We love to talk about how wonderful our dog is (we're about as exciting as a knitting class these days). We do this in front of him because we know he can hear us.

I asked Jackson if he'd like to say a few words on his fake-maybe real-supposed birthday, and this is what I think he telepathically communicated to me: 
I'd like to go for a walk today, if that's cool with you. But right now, I have to go to the bathroom so if you could let me out, then after I do my business, I'm going to regally sit on the front porch step until you're ready to go. Oh, and could you scratch me right above my tail real fast? Oh yeah, right there.

I don't know what I did in my earlier years to karmically deserve this creature. But I'm all smiles today. 
You should be too! After Jackson Awareness month, it's spring, baby! 

Liza Jane
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