Sweet Nothing

What's this blog about? Nothing. A little blog about nothing (I was a big Seinfeld fan). 

You know nothing is really not a bad thing. Well, it's not any thing. It can't be a thing if it's no thing. A good nothing. The good kind? 

nothing to wear: giving clothes away, making space in your closet for new things
nothing to do: space and time to dream, do what you please
nothing to say: time to listen
nothing to write: not good at all--this is called writer's block (hence)

Clean slate, zip, zero, nada, empty space, blank canvas, blank page, nothing to lose...

"You're giving me such sweet nothing" -Florence Welch

Crowded by all your things? Might be time for spring cleaning. Space for something new--sweet nothing. 

Liza Jane

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