Wild Thing

The other day I was minding my P's and Q's when I saw something that I truly could not identify. 

Four legs... 
And its ears are pointy...could be a deer.
But wait, it looks to have a long tail. And yes, a snout. 
I called the animal whisperer, telling him it looked like a hyena but taller--skinny. 
He said, "It's a coyote!" 
"I knew that."

And that's when I stopped my quest to walk out there to pet the mysterious creature. I've heard them yelping in their groups at night, heard stories about them, watched cartoons about them as a kid, but here it was right before my eyes. A coyote.

I told my mom, thinking she would think I was such a pioneer woman. She said, "Oh yeah? I saw one the other day in my driveway." Geez, I never saw one walking the streets of Nashville. So I guess it's not that special. But it was to me! My first coyote.

Where the wild things are...
And today, my little Canadian geese came in to snoop around. The third one is over to left. You'll have to squint to see it with my awesome photography. She's decided to plop down there. I told her to make herself right at home. I can tell she feels like a third wheel. 
And then yesterday, I was in the middle of a stampede.  

They were--headed--right--for me!!
I've never seen cows run that fast. I never did the running with the bulls in Spain, but now I feel like I don't need to. They really can run fast. And here you have to dodge the big bull piles, makes it all the more challenging.
I was at my in-laws' place. This is their lovely home in the middle of nowhere. Decided to drop by on my way to town. 
Belted Galloway cows. Beautiful beasts. The ass back there got jealous. See the donkey? Man I love how animals have personalities. Except for that coyote. 
Then I spotted this creature in my yard, doing some kind of mating ritual? Just kidding. Oh my goodness. He would die. Let's all pray he never reads this. 

He didn't know it, but he was mowing an L in the yard. He is so artistic--doesn't even know it. 
 Here's to the wild things! The definition of wild is evolving for me every day. The old wild that I was is not the new wild. High school and college wild vs. natural and free-spirited wild. Wild went from being a bad thing to something I truly aspire to be. Hopefully, we are all in the process of becoming. Truer to our true nature. Wild and free.

Liza Jane