You Can't Always Get What You Want

Mississippi at the end of March. I don't live here for nothin'. I want some sticky heat. So heat it up. This is ridiculous. In all my years, never have I ever seen winter last this long. Honestly, what the hell?

I Can't Get No Satisfaction.
I'm the kind of person that thrives on change, on newness. Waking up to the stinking blackbirds and the frost on the ground is getting old. I want to put on a bathing suit and get a sunburn (I take it back, I take it back). 

Plus, as someone who gets cold in the spring without at least 3 layers on, I want it hot, hot, hot. The bloodless, ice-cold extremities I call my fingers are sick and tired. They want to strangle that stupid groundhog. 

Oh so you come here to escape from negative journalism? To be taken to the bright side of the road? Perhaps to be uplifted?

You know I won't let you down. Polly Anna herself right here.

It is, after all, still Jackson Awareness month. 
Check out his awesome new haircut. He looks like Abraham Lincoln. When I was talking to the stylist,  I said,"how about something Abe Lincoln-ish. You know with a beard and all?"

I thought if I got Jackson shaved, maybe Mother Nature would catch my drift. 
"Look see here, my dog wants to take off his coat. The humans do too. My husband is tired of building fires. Let's turn up the thermostat, all righty?"

Old man loves his beard. He's like a hippy dog now. Plus, his wrinkle neck is covered.
"...but if you try sometimes, you might find
You get what you need!"

It's true. If Mick Jagger said it, it's true. You need whatever frustrating, confusing, cold thing is happening in your life. You need it. So take it.

Jackson had a major flea problem last year. We had a major flea problem last year. It was a warm, short winter last year, and all the bugs loved it. They lived through it all. So last summer was like a nightmarish plague in the Old Testament. 

For the sake of Jackson, this weather is good for the comfort of his precious skin. You see? There I am with the bright side. You'll walk away smiling, perhaps a couple of endorphins? But I'm still freezing.

Liza Jane