Everybody Plays the Fool

No exception to the rule.

Aaron Neville's grammy-award-winning song. 

Happy April 1st! After all my griping and bitching, we have received a beautiful day, special-ordered, custom-made. This is the first day of spring to me. 

April Fool's Day. I'm not the gullible type. I was taught early on on to defend myself against foolhardiness on this holiday that honors tricksters, swindlers, and scoundrels. 

My mother is one such. One time, while I was on a wild spring break trip senior year of high school, she called me at the hotel to tell me she saw a naked picture of me on the Internet. Now that would never happen, duh. I told her that could not be possible, but in the back of my head, I was panicking. What in the world could have happened?

Then I realized that she didn't know how to get on the Internet. Then I realized I was a fool. Since then, I have hardened my protective shell. It would be extremely hard to trick me on this day. I wake up ready and waiting. It's April 1st, look out.

So I thought about tricking you with some crazy news. But I just couldn't find a happy medium--between something stupidly small that you would not care at all about or something insanely huge that would shock the daylights out of you.

Usually, I'm one of those April Foolers that goes a little overboard: The house is on fire! I'm pregnant! Someone is trying to kill me! I got arrested! All of the above! (What a crazy day that would be--like a Quentin Terantino movie).

Not funny. And somewhat inappropriate. Maybe a bit harmful to the parasympathetic nervous system of the person I'm tricking--against the yogic philosophy. 

I figure this much: there's plenty of laughing going on today. Let's hope you get tricked. So you toughen up. 

To be continued tomorrow: All the ways I have been a fool. And all the ways I have chosen to love, even though I am a fool. I am revamping the blog. Laughing at yourself, if you are in fact an April Fool, is about as holistic a medicine as you can get. 

Liza Jane