Lean On Me

There comes a time, if someone firmly believes in certain truths, when those beliefs will be tested. There is no skirtin' around the issue.

I say things like "everything happens for a reason," "let go and let God," "trust in the Divine plan of the  universe," "love is the only thing that matters," "how can I serve humanity for the Creator" and "break my heart open." 

courtesy of whimsical-heart.com

Someone who discusses and talks about these deep issues will get her own issues handed to her on a silver tray.

What happens when you pray to be opened is that something you didn't expect so soon comes out of the woodwork and says hey like that old boyfriend you never wanted to see again. That event or person is cloaked in scariness, makes you feel dark feelings lodged within, and it is only an agent for the power we like to call God. 

Yeah, bad times happen. No matter how good of a person I think I am, there is always some experience waiting to wake me up, whether I label it good or bad. Spiritual laziness will get me to some new, painful destination every time.

I can't believe in punishments anymore though. I have to believe in the divinity behind everything. I think it's loving, not angry. I certainly don't feel close to God when I am angry. 
It's definitely a love thing.

If you're going through something, when trillions of people have been through it, are going through it, will go through it, just let it. Feel it make you stronger.

Strength does not look like what you think it looks like either. It involves tears. Oh, and gentleness. Tears, check. Gentleness, come on where are you?

Liza Jane