Let It Rain

Let your love rain down on me.

Rain in June. It's what every farmer wants. 

We ride through the hills and bluffs at the very end of the Delta to get to Jackson. We ride through the hills to get back into the beginning of the Delta, about seven minutes from the homeplace. This is what it looks like to drop down into the topography:

Circling around the curve, looks like some clouds, rain?
Flatland ahead.
A couple of rain drops on the windshield there, although could be bugs.
Love how you just go straight down here like a ride. It's pretty steep, and
so neat see how the earth changes here. Crazy.
 Rain, rain, what can I say, come on now, and stay all day.

Down into the Delta.
Clouds, clouds, but one beautiful sunny spot, right over our land.
Prayers get answered. Rain in June.
McCarty wind chime puddle.

So the rain did come, and that means we leave the house, usually. Headed to the big town for to eat good food. This, especially, was good for Will. He is, after all, still a meat-eater. I do, after all, not cook meat, and usually put together a salad, and then something like broccoli with potatoes or rice, not extremely delectable, but fast, easy and healthy. A great restaurant is REALLY fun for us.

Enter: Giardina's. Est. 1936. Speakeasy type place with a wonderful group of friends.
Greenwood, Mississip. Great place. 
Speaking of Natural Grocer Week, Giardina's uses ingredients from local producers.
Will said, this morning, "Get out here and look at these gardenias."
Damn. Coming.
 Enter: Gardenias. Rain's other blessing to our lives.

I spend about fifteen minutes a day crouched down next to these little bushes. 

I don't care if fire ants are crawling up legs, there's a thorn in my heal, 
if a mosquito wants to suck my blood.

I'm breathing in and out, 
face buried in the etherial smell.

I just don't know what my favorite flower is
Green, gorgeous bush, low to the ground. We have more Gardenia flowers than ever right now.
The pure white, the sweet and calming smell, the starlike shape.
Will and I discussed them for 15 minutes, our favorite. 

They make me so happy. Wouldn't be without rain. It's true. It's a good thing. 

I am loving these pictures--it's like each bloom has its own personality.
I can't believe the purity of the white. And I wish we could do scratch-and-sniff on the blog.
Somebody invent it.
See what I'm saying? Personality. 
So grateful for any rain in June. I will enjoy every single pitter patter on the roof, window, 
what have you.

And every ounce of beauty it brings.
Liza Jane