Lively Up Yourself

Especially, if you got about 2 and a half hours of sleep. Especially if you ended up roaming around your house from 12:30-3:30, thinking about every person you've ever known, and everything you've ever done. Especially if your eyes sag, and your body only wants to slumber. Especially if your mind is as foggy as San Francisco. Especially if you have important activities the day after that nightmare that you actually wish was a nightmare--the night you hardly slept. 

You've got to lively up yourself. 

Summer is the the season of boat rides and Bob Marley.
I've been there, friend. In fact, I was there yesterday. You feel angry. You feel sad. You feel like crawling in bed for the whole day. But, you can't. We all know that a nap after that kind of night can really go awry. "Just 30 minutes." And suddenly, it's been 3 hours. You know that sleepless hell awaits  you tonight. Because you were stupid enough to think a nap wouldn't go wrong. 

So you don't take a nap, and you end up explaining to everyone you talk to that you did not sleep the night before. EVERYONE. Some stranger asks where you got that top, "Sorry. I only slept for three hours last night. What did you say?" "That'll be 17 dollars and 86 cents." "Ooops. How much was it? I didn't hear you. I fell asleep in my brain. I only had 3 hours of sleep." Everyone who talks to you sounds like Charlie Brown's monotonous, droning teacher. 

It is these days that you might need some kind of elixir to bring you back.
I wish I could sit here and support coffee, but I can't. I love the smell of it, and the taste of it.
But I know the effects, friend. Caffeine can overload the liver, and slow down its duty of cleaning the toxins out of the body. It also promotes stress hormones--the last thing you might need on an exhaustive day. I'm not going with tea, because even though I love tea, if you're looking for livelying up yourself, you're looking for caffeinated tea. 

So I propose:

Sort of looks like a superhero. 
Kombucha, baby. I love saying the word Kombucha. Sometimes I just say it because it's fun to say Kombucha. There are different brands of Kombucha. Reed's is my second favorite Kombucha. I also like Synergy Drink's Kombucha. Kombucha is a cultured, live food. This particular Kombucha is long-aged. All are raw. Kombucha has probiotics (good flora is excellent for digestion), beneficial enzymes (hhmm, once again digestion), vitamins, and organic acids that detoxify, energize and balance out your your body.

What's digestion got to with energy?

Everything. A large percentage of your body's energy is almost always working on digestion. What happens when that energy is free?

You lively up yourself. Bless all the Kombucha makers of the world.

I would love to create something that wakes people up. 
Liza Jane