I'm on a bit of a Natalie Merchant kick with song titles/blog post titles.

My responses to "How far along are you?" have started prompting the response to the response, "Not long now!" as opposed to what I used to hear, "Oh you've got time." 

And people close to us are asking, "What's Jackson going to do?"

Our first son. We stare at him, watch him as he wakes, look on adoringly as he falls asleep. 
Kiss him, squeeze him, hug him.
They say we'll love the child even more. We just wonder how. 
But we know it's going to happen.

I think he found out. The crib has been set up. It was a moment. He realized something was happening. I had to have a talk with him. He's no spring chicken. Although I hope we get some spring chickens. 
He'll probably feel weird about that too.

So I decided to call a meeting with all of our kids. 
It was time to be upfront about what's around the bend.

You can see Big Kitty took it the worst. He started shaking her head (we don't know the sexes of these cats).  Blue over to the right was just quiet and still. She's always been the calm pet. 

It's okay, Big Kitty. You're going to love her/him!

Blue looks excited. I love this cat. When I get the urge to cradle something in my arms, I go find sweet Blue. She is a cool cat. Because he has been with us since he was a kitten and was handled by anyone and everyone, she is very social and not really afraid of anything, which can actually be annoying, but I love his little personality. 

 The Canadian family out back has grown to about 7. I didn't even say anything--just walked out of the porch, and they turned, showing me what they thought about that. Guess they heard the news already. They're pissed. They only come around on sunny spring or fall days anyway. Whatever.

We'll all be used to it in no time I'm sure. 

Liza Jane
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