Root Chakra Meditation

This meditation is to be done in conjunction with the short root chakra asana practice. If possible, please wear red because red is the color that energizes the root chakra. This meditation can be as long as you need it to be, depending on how many issues you may have in your life that pertain to this specific energy center (money issues, career issues, family issues, community issues, safety and security issues). You must be the judge of that. 

  1. Come to a comfortable seat. Spine is tall, tailbone erect. Heart is open and shoulders are relaxed. Tap into your own breathing. Feel the ground supporting you completely. Ride the waves of your breath until you have dissolved all tension in the body. Take as long as you need to with this first step. Come to completely be present in the body. 

  2. Bring you attention and energy into the first chakra, the physical place that sits on a bicycle seat.

  3. Bring your hands into the space in front of your pubic bone, palms together, fingertips pointing down. Bring them slightly apart (about 2 inches). On your next inhale, tuck your tailbone in and press your pubic bone back toward the tailbone, creating a kind of pulling up in the base of the pelvic floor, contracting your perineum, activating the energy there as your body fills with breath. Use the word LAM to exhale, low and deep, as you pull your hands slowly wide part, imagining your root chakra opening up, freeing in a beautiful red light. 

  4. Repeat for at least 10 minutes, longer if you feel you need more support and freedom in this chakra. 

  5. When you feel there has been a shift, bring your palms down on your knees, notice your normal, deep breathing. 

  6. Say out loud to God, universe and all the things and people in your life: How can I ground myself? How can I help and serve you as well through my centeredness? Let these two  questions be spoken with confidence. Let it linger and let it rise and be taken up. You will get an answer. 

You can also support this chakra through holistic nutrients.








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