Heart Chakra Meditation

The Anahata or heart chakra is vitally important in this time of history. Because fear is rampant, and love is the only thing that can conquer it. Everyone needs help with this energy center, located, you guessed it, in the center of the the chest and is associated with, you guessed it, the organ of the heart.

It's no surprise that the heart chakra is associated to complex emotion, compassion, love, and equilibrium. It is also associated with the thymus, the gland in charge of producing the immune response. The chakra is symbolized by a lotus with 12 petals. The color of this chakra is green. Its element is air. YAM is the sound. 

When you are blocked in this chakra, it usually means that you have been hurt emotionally in the past. Since this chakra is the seat of interpersonal emotional relationships, this center can become contracted after emotional wounds of any kind. Usually the wounds come from past love relationships, parents, siblings, any family member, or deep friendships. Or how about all of them? If you're human, you most likely need to open this chakra. A block in this energy center either means an insensitivity to feelings, or a lack of service and altruism, pettiness in the form of non-compassion or judgment, and emotional immaturity. It could also mean a hyper-sensitivity to emotion and feelings. 

What's required is an unblocking, an opening, a loosening and a brightening. To let go of old hurtful emotions.

  1. Come to a comfortable seat. Lift your heart and relax your shoulders. Relax your face too. Come to observe the breath and ride the waves of your breath in and out of the body. 
  2. Now focus on the area of your heart, your chest. Imagine a green light there. With each inhale, grow this green light. Watch it get bigger and bigger. 
  3. On the exhale, focus on letting go of any relationship pain that you have endured in your life, while saying the word, "YAM." Feel the release.
  4. Feel the blockage melt away as your green light, growing brighter, embraces all pain. Feel the contraction, the restriction in this area leave with your exhale and the slow word, "YAM."

To support this chakra, eat plenty of leafy, heart-healthy greens. Iron, Vitamin C, minerals like magnesium, chromium, and calcium make these plants the ultimate for heath in this area. From kale to spinach to arugula to romaine lettuce, it is important to have 3 cups of leafy greens per day.