Throat Chakra Meditation

The Vishudda Chakra, or throat chakra is the energy center located, you guessed it, in the throat. In proximity to the voice, this chakra is associated with truth and communication. 

Its color is blue, sound is HAM, and it is represented by the lotus with 16 blue petals. Its element is sound. The thyroid gland is the corresponding gland of the chakra. Being connected to the thyroid, this whirling vortex of energy is related to grow and maturation through communication. Since the thyroid hormones direct growth and maturity. 

What we are focusing on here is expression. What needs to be expressed? You know this chakra is blocked or contracted if there is any withholding of the truth in your life. There is some kind of communication breakdown in your family, with your friends, with the community as a whole. It's as if you feel you have something to say but cannot say it. You feel blocked from this communication. 

A block in creativity can mean a block in this chakra because creation is the finest form of expression. Writer's block, for instance. There is where all lies and omission of truth is stuck in your energy. Lying or not expressing truth is painful and so this has been accumulating here, and now is the time to forgive yourself and let go. Also pain from being lied to or not being communicated with properly can live here, and freeze this important chakra. 

All non-aunthenticity stems from this place. Just form looking around, you can tell that authenticity is rare. Open this chakra to be authentic and true in thought, word and deed. Let your insides reflect your outsides. 

To open and balance this chakra via meditaiton:

1.     Find your comfortable seat. Avoid the "seriously spiritual" posture. Serious, long meditation faces not allowed. Allow yourself to sit upright, long spine, lifted heart, relaxed face. Be natural. 

2.     Come to inhabit the space of your whole neck. Feel it from the inside. Then come to the center of the neck. Visualize a little blue light there. 

3.     With every inhale, your little blue light grows stronger and brighter. It grows with eery conscious breath in. Perhaps even, it begins to sparkle.

4.     On your exhale, let go of pain in this chakra. Let go and forgive yourself and others for non-truths and lack of or too much expression. Close the base of your throat as you do deeply exhale for a count of 7. Say the word HAM to exhale. Let go completely with forgiveness on your exhale. 

5.     Feel all the tension and contraction in this area melt away on your exhale.

6.     Feel the aliveness of the blue light on the inhale. See the blue light grow brighter and expand to fill the whole of your neck. This light is nourishing. It is opening and bright and loving. 

This chakra, nutritionally, this chakra loves liquids to purify this energy. Pure water is best to bolster truthful communication. Lots of water and juice and herbal teas help to energize this center. Lemons and limes are wonderful clearing out stuck energy here as well. 

Fruits that grow on trees, because of their juiciness, are great for this chakra as well. 


Liza JonesComment