Crown Chakra Meditation

You are working your way through your chakras and built your way up to the crown chakra, the king of all the chakras. 

The crown or sahasrara chakra is the seat of consciousness. Its element is space or consciousness. We are talking about consciousness of thought, of emotion. This is where we bring space to the mind, where we create space between our thoughts. 

Its color is white. And bliss is its key function. Bliss arises out the direct connection with the God or the Source of all light and consciousness. It is symbolized by 972 petals. It has no sound. Silence and space only. 

The corresponding glands are the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus which direct the whole body's endocrine system, instigating and driving all hormones (chemical messages) throughout the body. 

The crown chakra is all about connection to the Source. Openness in this chakra means a spiritually-guided life. You feel fully connected, powered, actualized. Divine energy flows through you into everything you do. Your service is divinely inspired. This is bliss. 

A blockage in this chakra is unconsciousness. It means fear and pain, isolation and disconnection from God. It means a lack of empathy and spirit. It means a mediocre life experience. We can break through. 

So here is a meditation for breaking through congestion in the crown or sahasrara chakra:

  1. Come to a comfortable seat and find your breath. Systematically go through and relax all your muscles, even your facial muscles. Drop your shoulders and lift your heart. 
  2. Bring your hands together so that the only fingers touching are the pinkies and thumbs. All other fingers are spread wide and apart (lotus mudra). Bring the wrists apart so that there is some space between them. Place your hands in this formation on the crown of your head. 
  3. On the inhale, imagine white light starting to flow down into the crown of your head. With every inhale, this light gets brighter and stronger. Imagine the light running down through all the other chakras. Let the breath be long and deep enough to travel fully through the energy centers. 
  4. On the exhale, send white light up back through all 7 chakras and out of the crown of the head where it rises strongly out and up to meet its Source. Feel your connection to God. 
  5. See and hear thoughts and let them go, creating more space between these thoughts for the bright light to come through. 
  6. Do this as long as you want or can. Come to sit quietly after your meditation and move throughout your day with complete consciousness. 

There are no foods that nourish this chakra. Some say the absence of food through fasting nourishes the crown, but I say just let silence and space for yourself be your nourishment of this chakra. 

Liza JonesComment