How To Do a Walking Meditation

Get me out of this house!

Cotton fields in the fall. Where I walk in the sun.

Cotton fields in the fall. Where I walk in the sun.

I am that happy to see the sun. Hello sunshine, I'm so glad to see you Sunshine! 

And could really use some Vitamin D, which is where the sun comes in. 

So I'm going for a walking meditation. Here's how it will go for me:

  1. Start walking and first thing, feeling the ground beneath my feet. In my case, it's gravel. Might be pavement or dirt for you. Might be sand. Luck you. Just notice the texture of the ground underneath your shoes (or bare feet). Feel the subtle impact as you roll your foot heel to toe to take a step. Notice the automation in this moment. Lovingly walk upon the earth, connecting with every footfall, offering peace with every contact. 
  2. Feel gratitude for every bone, tendon, muscle, skin and cell of your feet and legs, for the ability to walk. All these parts working in perfect harmony for you, out of love. A divine intelligence coordinating it all. 
  3. Notice what your arms are doing but don't try to control them. Let them sway or swing or power-walk pump (which is funny and you may laugh or smile at yourself if you are doing this--don't change it!). Notice the aliveness in your hands, in your arms. Feel gratitude for these parts of yourself as you did before.
  4. Notice your core now. Your belly might be slightly engaged. Notice your center of gravity. Your heart beating. Feel gratitude once again for all the muscles here. Your abs, your heart, your stomach, back muscles. All these parts are working so that you may walk. Feel the aliveness that makes everything happen in your center. 
  5. Feel your breath. Don't do anything with it. Just let it be. Riding the fast waves, letting them wash over you quickly. Enjoy the air coming into the nostrils, into the lungs, the belly. Be present with it as it leaves you, via the same places in your body, where it came from. 

This walking meditation is sourced in part and inspired by Thich Nhat Hanh's walking meditation. 

After your walk, sit quietly and feel your aliveness. Try not to let thoughts interrupt any part of this process. It will certainly happen, so have the sharp alertness to let the thoughts go. 

If you happen upon some sunshine, I hope this works for you. Sending a whole lotta love your way.. 

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