Sacral Chakra Meditation

This chakra, physically located in the core of the pelvis, a few inches below the belly button is in charge of sexuality, creativity and emotions. When we are strong and healthy (not blocked) in this chakra, we feel creative and passionate. Our sex lives are right on, we are fertile, and we have no problem with the creative process or flow. Its color is orange. 

This chakra is meant to flow since its element is water. It is mean to be fluid. We will not only take our attention to the physical area of your sex organs, below your naval, but we will also let this attention be fluid and moving all around the area. Feel free to move or sway during this meditation. 

  1. Make yourself comfortable, close your eyes gently. Relax your shoulders, lift your heart and tap into your breathing without thinking about it. No judging the posture or breath, just pay attention and subtly fall into both, taking you straight into the body. Release on a strong exhale on tension.
  2. Bring your attention and your fingertips pointing downward in front of your pelvis. Your fingertips come together, but keep your palms facing up so as to make a sort of ball of space with both hands.
  3. Picture you have a ball of orange light there at the core of your pelvis. With each breath, this light get bigger and more open. Every inhale adds to this orange, vibrant light. 
  4. With each exhale, begin to say to yourself or out loud, "Vam." Release any built-up contraction or block in this area. Let this energy center open and grow stronger. 
  5. Observe judgment or distraction. Keep your discipline as sharp as possible. Watch for any creative insights or sexual memories or fantasies. Stay with this for at least 10 minutes. Even longer if you feel stuck creatively or sexually in your life. 

There are nutrients to support the sacral chakra as well. Hope this helps you and enhances your sexual and creative life!



Liza JonesComment