Solar Plexus Chakra Meditation

The Manipura chakra is dedicated to willpower and self-esteem. It is related to education, work, discipline, and our own confidence in our abilities. It is located physically in the solar plexus. This is the seat of your personal power. It governs your financial life, your money, success, competition. 

Anyone with self-doubt, wavering self-discipline, fear of failure, hesitation to start a new venture or business should take their time with this meditation. Also, when you keep feeling like you need to accomplish more, do more, be more, this center is blocked and you must spend some extra time on this meditation. Another sign of blockage of this energy center is you could also have a lot of aggression towards others. Your fire is aimed in the wrong place out of fear. 

Our goal is release anger, aggression, fear of failure and self-doubt.

  1. Comfortable seat. Relax everything. Settle into your body and breath, without thinking about. Relax especially your belly. And bring your strong, sharp attention to the space of the solar plexus, right under the chest, where the ribcages depart from each other. 
  2. Imagine a yellow light or even a fire at solar plexus. Try to be open to whatever image comes to you. What you do on your inhale has to do with whether you have a lot of anger, or whether you are not finding your personal power, feeling low self-esteem. Either way, your manipura chakra is out of balance. So your fire could be bright already, needing be tamed and aimed. Or you could have a dwindling, low flame, which you need to kindle and grow brighter. You might feel both. If that's the case, decide it is so. Most people will know whether they need to kindle or redirect this energy. If it is a low flame, with every inhale, you will grow the fire, making it stronger and brighter, but not out of control. If it needs to be redirected, you will imagine that the fire is turning pure from all negativity. You might even imagine using that pure fire to accomplish what it is you need to do in terms of willpower instead of placing it elsewhere. 
  3. When you exhale, say the word, "RAM" slowly, feeling stronger and more balanced in the area of your solar plexus. 
  4. Repeat this inhale and exhale pattern for at least 10 minutes, longer if any life signs show this chakra to be out of balance. Notice when thoughts take you away from this process and come immediately back. 

Specific nutrients therapeutically nourish this chakra as well. 

May pure fire light up your will and self-confidence. 

Liza JonesComment