Sunrise Mantra and Meditation

I have a maximum of 6 reasons why I can be grateful for winter. No more. 

  1. Fire: I love fire more than any element. I'm a pyro, and I'll sit in front of one until I wonder if my back is burning.
  2. Soups: I just really like soup this time of year. And am disgusted with it in every other time of the year. So now is the time.
  3. Hot chocolate: Whether it's the thick, dark kind that I found at Jacques in New York, or it's some weird herbal, healthy drink like the choc-a-maca
  4. Boots: I love wearing boots. Is there anything more to say about this. (I'll also mention here in this footwear category: wool socks and comfy slippers).
  5. Christmas: it's about the energy for me if I can find it.
  6. Sunrises: this time of year is off and on cloudy, which makes the view from my bedroom every morning astonishing. Sometimes you just can't believe you have this view. It's an amazing way to start the day.

So is meditating. If you can fit in, this one is really quick and nice. It involves using visualization and mantra (saying one phrase over and over). I like to use visualization and mantra together because it's easy for your mind to roam and get bored while you're repeating something over and over. I also like to let my mantra get a little bit louder in my head while my internal vision gets sharper and more detailed.

The mantra is "Let us rise." Do all your meditation preps like getting into the breath and feeling into the body, aligning your posture wherever you may be. Get centered. Close your eyes. 

  1. First vision is you: see yourself as detailed as you can, right now as you are. See your clothes and hair, everything. You are in the middle of a group of concentric circles. While sending love to you, say "Let us rise." Imagine the light from the sunlight before you, now gliding through the crown of your head. Become one with that light and emerge into your body, into your brain and head, into the cells in the skin of your face and tissues and bones, into your neck and your heart and your respiratory system, into all your organs, your legs and feet, repeating over and over to each cell: Let us rise. 
  2. Now finding your center, let the natural spark of light at your center meet this sunlight and the collision makes the whole body glow and lift: repeating let us rise. 
  3. Imagine the closest people in your life, family and close friends. This is the next circle. Say to them over and over, Let us rise. Imagine that you can lift them up with the sunlight from your center. 
  4. Imagine people in your next circle: It may be co-workers, associates, relatives, friends. Let the light flow to them, saying over and over to them: Let us rise.
  5. Next circle: Now your community at large. See the geographic space where you live. See people that either you see a lot or imagine these people. Saying over and over, getting a little louder now: Let Us Rise. 
  6. In the next circle, your brighten your light to include your country, repeating still louder, Let us rise.
  7. And then the outer circle is the world at large, with all its joy and all its pain. See it there with its oceans and islands. Say to it over and over, louder in your mind now, Let us rise. 
  8. To all the space that surrounds your circles: Let us rise. Let us rise to the whole universe. Over and over.

Open your eyes to see the beauty of what's before you. May we rise. Use this mantra throughout your day so that you rember where you are going.