Meditation for Hibernation

First, my reasons to hibernate this winter:

  1. Because I don't care what anyone thinks about my hibernation. If you walk into my house and see that I have not showered in days, that I need to wash my robe, that I need to make human contact at some point, that maybe I should go outside and get some fresh air because it's not that cold outside, I will not apologize. It's January. It's hibernation month. Hermit crab, I will be all month. 
  2. I'm worn out. Christmas and December and fall are behind me, and I want to take a break. So there. 
  3. My skin is so pale that if I were to climb up a tree and stare at you from the darkness, you might think my face was the full moon (also a comment on my winter weight gain which I don't mind as much as my lack of color...I am after all a bear). 
  4. I've got to ride the waves. I'm not happiest this time of year. I can get dark. I'm not going to force myself to act like Miss America. If I feel like staying in and licking my wounds, crying a little bit, then I will. Not the time of year to frolic in the fields, and I accept this. 
  5. Bears are awesome. They've got a great thing going on during the winter. It's so smart. Store up your energy and then come spring, emerge and show your claws, your shiny teeth. Out of respect, I do this for the bears. 
  6. I just don't want to get sick right now. Stressing and moving in and out of heat to cold is a fine way to get sick. I have the weapons to deal with sickness but I don't want to have to use them. Don't make me use these B vitamins and these zinc lozenges! Best watch out for this Astralagus root!
  7. A new pair of pajamas, old-fashioned hot dark chocolate a pile of books, and a roaring fire: reasons I had to put under one point. I'm a fire architect. I literally have it down to an art. I'm obsessed with getting it right. And then I admire and take pictures of my fires. I don't know what I'm going to do with them, frame them in the hallway alongside pictures of my children? I don't think so. I'll be tapping that little trashcan on my phone in no time. I'm going to put this on Insta, and I'll bet you it gets 15 likes. and those 15 will all be family members. So here, admire my handiwork:

You can come up with some special stuff by spending so much time indoors pretending you're a bear and building fires, longing for Neanderthal days. New ways to introspect.

A meditation for you: 

Sit in front of a fire (not too close obviously, geez), wait until it's nice and bright and big and dancing (like my beautiful masterpiece up there) and watch it for one minute. Try to abstain from thought, but it's okay if you do. Then close your eyes and pretend the fire is within your center. It starts at your pelvic floor and rises up through the belly and solar plexus and heart, rising through the the neck and throat. The top of flame flickers in your mind, strong and bright. Try to see the fire within you with your eyes closed. Notice how it dances and warms you. Hear the sound from the fire in front of you as if it were happening within you. Feel it energize your pelvic area, de-stagnate your belly, melt any coldness in your heart. Feel it purify your voice in your throat, feel it light up your mind right behind your face. 

2 minutes. Nobody even has to know you just meditated. 

Happy hibernation to you!