Gratitude Meditation: Thanking About It

I'm a thinker. I think a lot. I've been told my almost all of my loved ones that I think too much, too hard.

So I want to turn that energy into something else. Something that will elevate my life instead of weighing me down because my brain can eat up some serious life food. That mind of mine can be an energy-sucker. It often is.

What if I was thankful for everything I saw? What if I thanked about a situation instead of thought about it. Something happens that appears to be negative but instead of thinking and worrying my head off, I say "Thank you. For whatever lesson. Whatever this is here to do. I know this is supposed to shape me, to somehow give to me. Life happens for me. Life loves me." Not always easy to say that. It's more often not easy at all. 

At least that's what my goal is, even if I don't always hit my mark. 

Life is saying, "I'm doing this because I love you." And then I remember saying the same thing while putting my toddler in timeout, the look on his face, his kicking and crying and screaming, and I know this is some sort of discipline I'm receiving. So I stop acting like a toddler, and thank God for this lesson. Though I will never expect my toddler to say that to me. Life just doesn't want me to turn out to be an entitled brat. I need to grow up some more. 

But gratitude helps. And I think, along with his sister Love, might be the answer to everything. 

Even when all seems lost, and the world is apparently beating my ass, there are thousands of things to be grateful for. My breath. My beating heart. The intricate systems of my body that make everything possible.

My past, my present, my future. All the people in my life. All the life education I've received and am receiving. 

I want to practice using gratitude in meditation so that maybe I can use them in life. Maybe I will remember if I meditate on it. 


1. Immediate Gifts: Tune into what you have right now in your immediate surroundings.

Examples: Breath, body, lungs, heart, liver, stomach, brain, eyes to see, ears to hear, nose to smell, ground below, gravity to keep you on the ground (and the moon), oxygen, light, the sun (where would we be without it), nature, health, house, office, immediate furniture, your mind and imagination, sounds of life around you, silence in between the sounds, your bones and muscles, your tendons and ligaments, food in your belly, water to keep you hydrated, digestive system, skin, meditation and spirituality, maybe your pet or a loved one or whoever is around, this moment exactly as it is, the power of life moving within you and animating you (an opportunity to feel your aliveness here, stay with this one for as long as possible). If you're in the middle of a challenge or sadness, give thanks for the experience and the lesson, give gratitude for the discipline.

2. Remote Gifts: Think about and see all that you have that may not be present in your immediate vicinity. 

Examples: Loved ones, a home, a job, career, money (however little or much--see it as much), your family, your spouse or partner, your friends, your children, your experiences (even your mistakes), your education (however little or much--see it as much), your neighborhood or community, your country, the oceans, the continents, the animals, the plants, the galaxy, the clouds, the Internet, technology, systems to prevent chaos, the inventions that make your life easier, opportunities you will receive in the future, opportunities you received in the past, all the stuff you own, the list goes on and on. 

Feel your raised frequency. 

What are some things you thanked about? What faces or images lifted you in this gratitude meditation? Thank about commenting here. 

With many thanks---