Aliveness Part 2: Lower Body Awareness - Day 6 of the 21-Day Meditation Transformation

This is part 2 of our body awareness run within this course. We will cover the lower body and begin in the heart/solar plexus area to get in touch with the inner body, with the sense of aliveness within. 

Again, you must get as still, silent and calm as you can. You have to focus with this one, even more so than yesterday, because the body is denser in the lower half. Do you very best to wake up to your vibration, to the energy of your cells if you can. If you must stay in the heart or solar plexus to remain in touch with the inner body, then stay at your main point of contact. 

You can always go back to your hands like yesterday's meditation and travel to the heart from there. The goal is to feel deeply into the heart and solar plexus and see if you can spread that awareness throughout your lower half. 

Aliveness part 2_ 5-minute inner body awareness meditation.png


What was your experience with this meditation? The solar plexus is so strong for me, I had trouble leaving it. What helped you? What didn't?

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