Aliveness Part 3: Whole Body Awareness - Day 7 of the 21-Day Meditation Transformation

Day 7 is a culmination of the last two days. We've taken hold and felt into the upper and lower body, and now it's time to bring consciousness to the whole entire body in this 5-minute meditation. 

Pretend here that you can actually feel into your own cells. You can, in fact, if you bring enough calm and concentration into this meditation. I like to think that the cells light up and dance when we feel into them, pay attention to them. You may be able to actually feel this shining, this celebrating and dancing when you really get sensitive your inner body. 

Ability to feel into your innermost being has multiple effects: we boost the immune system, reduce stress, sleep well, eat well, remain calm in the face of life's challenges, enhances the ability to self-soothe, increases intuition and improves relationships. 

Most of the time, what anyone or anything needs is attention, and your own body is one of the most wonderful places to put your attention in everyday life. So let's light up the body with your awareness. 


Any specific experiences during this meditation? How did you feel afterward? Any moments of insight during the 5 minutes of meditation?

If you're even briefly considering sharing this with those bright buttons down there, then you just should! Thank you if you do! I feel the love. 

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