Ask Your Self: 5-Minute Meditation

as your self_.png

We start by getting comfortable and getting still. Then we find the place of pure energy, the essence that animates all of us with one simple question.

From there, we keep digging into this field, this field of pure potentiality. And then once the connection is strong, we ask. What is it that that you need to ask?

This is a question that goes out to the God Within, your soul and conscious, the piece of God that animates your mind and body.

Don’t expect an answer right away, but you will get it. All we can intend to do is ask earnestly and let it go without attachment.

All of the education you’ve had and will have is in your own soul, which is a storehouse of energy and information. Your Self, that energy that you are in abundant with answers so trust that you’ll get your answer.

Option to ask another or the same strong question.

And then wait for the inspiration as you put your focus on listening to the mind as much as you can, as you move through life.

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