Calm & Happy Now: 7-Minute Meditation

calm & Happy now_ 7-Minute meditation.png

When there’s a lot going on, sometimes you just have to get as much done as you can and then let go.

Set a aside a time to soften into the moment. Soften your mind, your muscles, your bones, soften and settle all of yourself into this one moment. Close your eyes and look within. Rest in and center yourself on the breath.

From there and with the in and out flow of the breath, we use the mantra “Calm and happy now” on the exhale to release anything that holds us back from that intention. We use the breath to speak these words, either out loud or in the mind.

Let the clarity and higher feeling of these words wash over your cells. Let the warmth caused by these words to move throughout your body, from head to toe. Feel the calm happiness wash over and settle within you.

Now enjoy your life from this calm, happy center of now.

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