Dealing with Doubt & Distraction: 10-Minute Meditation

Dealing with Doubt & Distraction_.png

Doubt and distraction have been the key players in my life lately. I’m trying to create something I really care about. Something that would stretch me, force me to grow. And my ego is scared to death. She’s also got some stake in this thing. It’s confusing.

But these voices in my head, I’ve been trying to watch them play out. Instead of rejecting these doubtful, distracting voices, I’ve started to hear them and reason with them. I don’t want them to do things behind my back. I want them to talk to me and let me reason with them. I want them to feel heard.

Hopefully, there will be no more sabotaging. I just need to close my eyes and hear them. See them for what they are: fear.

Try this meditation if this has been an issue for you. Then turn off my voice and continue to light up your mind so that no sneaky darkness can put your down or make you look the other way.


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