Deep Breathing Pranayama Experimentation: Day 2 of the 21-Day Meditation Transformation

I learned this form of pranayama in the hot Bikram classes I was taking in my early 20s. I loved it. I feel like it changed my life a little bit. Plus it helped me to fight the forward neck issue I was having at my desk job. 

deep breathing 5-minute meditation image.png

Pay attention to instructions here: the neck will be upright and straight during the inhale, with your fingers interlaced under your chin, elbows rising as I count for the inhale. To transition for the exhale, let the head fall back as you push your interlaced fingers into the bottom of your chin (head falls back to shoulders if possible). Elbows are still wide. As I count for the exhale, allow the elbows to come back together slowly, while breathing strongly out of the mouth.

This pose is great standing or sitting, at any time of the day. But I really enjoy mid-day when tension sits in the neck. And it really does feel wonderful to stand and practice this one. Perfect lunchtime pranayama meditation. 


Do you know anything about pranayama? What are your favorite pranayama practices? Are you liking working with the breath? Comment below.

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Wonderful for the lungs and so it is awesome for the whole entire body.