Emotional Freedom for Women: 11-Minute Meditation

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The more we open up and soften about what’s been done to us, the more freedom we will find. We will find we’re not alone and that we’re all connected in our pain and in our love.

You will need to close your eyes to see inward and also use the hands to bring attention and energy to certain parts of the body.

If you have emotional trauma around sexual abuse or assault then please see a licensed professional before trying this meditation.

We first enter into the mind to see what we need to fully accept and see there. The images bring the pain and fear, and we pay attention closely to any kind of pain, tension or sensation in the body.

Then we bring our hands to our throat, and we use breath work to continue to release pain and acknowledge truth. To honor the expression and release of truth.

Then we move our hands to our chest, in front of the heart center, acknowledging the fear around this, and the fear of speaking up. We have to walk through the fear to get to the love. Keep up with the breath work.

Then we move to the solar plexus to honor our rage and anger, to let it energize our power and enliven us to take action, right action.

Then we move down to below the navel and connect with our Divine Feminine and the creative power of the universe, acknowledging our gifts and power, our connection to Life.

A blessing at the end: May you be strengthened by your pain, choose love despite the fear, and let truth and power guide you.

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