Find the Fire: 15-Minute Meditation for Anger

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It's time to honor our anger. And the fire that anger sets within the body. This meditation is not about being a firefighter, it's about exploring and honoring fire just as it is. 

It's important to get to a place where you're alone and, preferably, where no one can even hear you. Because there will be screaming involved. We are going to indulge in the anger for only a moment so that the energy can move through us. This indulgence feels nothing like hatred and should feel like release. Because it is an accepting and a holding of the anger that allows it to say what it needs to say, signal what it needs to signal, and then we work on letting it go.

This requires finding it in the body, and using sheetali pranayama to cool it just enough so that we can pay attention to it, and use it for good before it uses us. That is the key: to not be controlled by our negative emotions, but to control them and let them work for us, improving our lives and lifting our souls.

The reason we can be thankful for anger is that it can lead us to beautiful things, and it is blatant proof that we love, that we care, that we are moving and shaking. That we are alive. Anger is a beautiful thing if we can give it the conscious attention it deserves. 

Otherwise, unrecognized anger turns into low-level resistance that persists throughout your relationships and life. Let's not live like that. Thank you for working with instead of against your anger.


On this site, I offer short, guided meditations that address specific issues and themes. I use a lot of different techniques from breath work to visualization to mudras. Though I know the benefit of guided meditations, there is a lot to be said for meditating without guidance, and instead either meditating in silence or with music/sound. Sounds can be ultra healing and helpful when it comes to letting the mind relax into the right state for meditation. Just like a guided meditation, they can be a catalyst for a clear and beautiful practice.

I wanted to find the perfect type of sound or music, not only for my yoga classes, but for my own personal meditations. I found two wonderful sources:

  • Isochronic Tones & Binaural Beats: You can get a specific set of tones for any outcome you want to see in your meditation, just like my guided meditations bring you to a certain benefit. These mp3 tracks provide brainwave entrainment in order to bring about cognitive, physical and emotional benefits. These audios reset your brainwave frequency to bring about any number of specific, healing outcomes. I’m a light sleeper so their sleep audios really helped me by adjusting my brainwaves to set up for some delta wave sleep.

  • Paleo Mind: So along those same brainwaves, these beautiful sounds change the way your brain communicates with the rest of your body. They actually change the way you think and feel, and with the help of this music, raise your vibration. We can affect the way the nervous system communicates. And therefore, change the whole game of how we are in the world. Try Paleo Mind if you’re not sure about Isochronic Tones above. These tracks are also geared toward specific benefits like Chakra Healing, Pure Positivity, Deep Sleep, Energy Booster and Total Focus. Love them.

  • Both of the options for brainwave treatment above are instant downloads. So if you’re sick of my voice, then try one of these awesome ways to get the perfect sound for your meditations.


  • Crystals and gems are highly interactive with their environments. They absorb, store and emit energy and information. Because of their stable makeup, they can store all kinds of information and emit it out into the world. They react to the input of someone's energy and information (like a mantra or intention). Likewise, they emit a certain vibration frequency that could alter the energy field (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) of the person or other energy form in their immediate environment. 

    This obviously leads to energetic change. Healing, uplifting, cleansing, empowering, inspiring, energizing, magnifying, balancing, restoring. Depending on the crystal with its specific benefits and your own intention, a crystal could be your catalyst. Powerful tools for meditation and yoga. I get my crystals from a great source: Click here to shop Sage Goddess Collectible Crystals.


Comment below about your experience with this meditation. Curious about where the anger resides in the body and if you were able to sense the sensation of it? How was the screaming? Did you feel a release?

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