Ground Your Vata: 7-Minute Ayurveda Meditation

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You've probably heard about how great meditation is for you. You've probably said to yourself: I need to start meditating. Or maybe you had a practice, and life has gotten in the way.


There is no one that meditation can't help. There is no way it can't transform your life, if you make a habit out of it. We're talking better career & creativity, better relationships & connections, better mindset & disposition, better health & sleep. It touches everything.


So here's what to expect:


  • Every day for 21 days, you will get an email with a downloadable PDF worksheet for the day and a link to the meditation audio. On the first day, you will also receive your 21-Day Meditation Transformation calendar.


  • The first week focuses on Breath and Body, and all of the meditations will be 5 minutes. We will ease into the practice during this first week. Simple practices in a shorter amount of time as we work through any resistance and perceived time constraints.


  • The second week's meditations will be 10 minutes long and will focus on Mind & Mantra. Habit is forming, getting stronger.


  • We finally work our way into 15-minute meditations that incorporate Gratitude, Love & Visualization. These meditations are powerful. I challenge you to make it to this week.


  • I've made it easy for you with a quick link to a simple, guided meditation and downloadable worksheet in your inbox every day.


I can't wait to hear from you about the effects of your new or reinvigorated meditation practice! I know you can do it. And you DO have the time. I promise, it's worth it. You can make time for anything, and this is the thing that nourishes and revitalizes everything.


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    This 7-minute meditation will help you to eliminate busyness of the mind and clear anxiety. It’s rooted in Ayurveda, which is a science based on the elements and the way an individual person is composed of the elements. It advises a person, based on her or his composition, on certain times of the year, certain foods to eat or avoid, and activities to perform to reach a harmony of the elements within one’s self.

    With a focus on the exhales, which you can imagine pushing you back down to earth, back down to the ground or whatever holds you, this meditation is like the deflation of excess air in the body.

    For people who are feeling an overabundance of the vata element during this vata season (fall and winter), this is so extremely grounding and productive to dealing with fear and anxiety. So important if you’re feeling scattered. Feeling scattered can mean missing a lot of wonderful, important presence.

    Vata is represented best by the elements of air, wind and ether. You are likely to have excessive vata during fall and winter if your dosha is predominantly vata. This is the time of year to take care of ourselves, but this meditation works at any time.

    A nice hand gesture in case you’re curious is palms down on lap or floor or whatever you’re lying or sitting on. A good mantra if you’re interested in incorporating one of those: “I am grounded.” OR “I am earth.”


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