11-Minute Meditation for Acceptance: Let Go of Resistance & Negativity

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This meditation requires us to calm and soften. We first start by centering softening the body and mind, centering ourselves on the breath. It’s best to relax as much as possible in the first part for the rest of it to be effective.

Although the normal human has more than one thing we are resisting or feeling negative about, we’ll focus on one thing in this meditation. But feel free to practice it as much as you like (for all the other resistances). So just choose one thing, and don’t choose the biggest right off the bat. We have to strengthen our acceptance muscles before taking on the biggest things that cause us fear and pain, and all kinds of negativity.

So we think about and feel about this issue or this person. Seeing the problem and then stepping back so that we can watch and sense everything that’s going on inside of us. What is this here to teach us? How are we being nourished through this?

Then realizing that we are not being served by this resistance. And bringing awareness to the place where we can feel it most in our bodies, accepting the fact that it doesn’t do anything but strengthen the issue.

The mantras we chant are “I accept ____.” And then we try for “I am peace.” Or “I am bringing peace and acceptance to _____.” You have to choose which accepting and peaceful mantra is best for you.

The sitkari pranayama to release fiery resistance. We start with mouth open, tongue relaxing just behind bottom teeth and breathe into your open mouth for a count of 5, lifting the chin slowly, letting the head fall back until we are looking up at the ceiling on 5.

Close your mouth and breathe out through the nose for the exhale, and again, through a count of 5, brining your chin back to neutral, finally looking straight ahead on 5.

This is a slow nodding through breath. It is saying yes with your breath, mind and body to whatever Life is bringing you.

Note: you might need to accept your non-acceptance. If you can’t get past resistance once you think about what it is, the first step is to accept that. Over and over. You accept your non-acceptance but know that you will rise above the negativity and resistance.


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