Powerful Mind Meditation: Day 11 of the 21-Day Meditation Transformation

This 10-minute meditation of Day 11 is meant to nourish your mind with tranquility and brilliance. Literally getting brighter. Clearing the way for all the good stuff to come and letting the light within radiate even into your subconscious. 

This meditation sets up the mind for the rest of the week, in which we'll focus on mantra, which will reprogram the way the mind works. We will incorporate a little bit of visualization here. Soak up every second and try to focus. 

This is the last meditation of this course open to the public. The rest will require a secret link that will be sent via email. But the course is free, just sign up to receive the secret links to the rest of the meditations! Let's keep going with this. 



Anything happened? What were your experiences with this meditation? What did you feel afterward?

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Pass on the love! I know you want to tap on one of those big, bright buttons down there!

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