Refining Your Field: 9-Minute Meditation

refining your field_ 9-minute meditation.png

Your aura or electromagnetic field is said to start extend outward 4 or so feet around and above you. It’s a part of your being and starts from within you. It’s said to be the 8th chakra, the energy outside of your physical body.

Everything you believe, think, feel, say and do is reflected within your aura.

This aura communicates with the energy fields of everything around you because we are all connected. Everyone can feel, on some level, what’s going in your being through the aura.

So it might be worth to clean it up, refine and brighten your field. Not because we care what others think, but because we care about how we make people feel. If other people can feel our energy, then we want them to try to leave us feeling better. And your energy affects everyone around you.

Also, refining your own aura strengthens it and leaves you less susceptible to a negative or darker aura, protecting you and strengthening you.

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