Reintegrate: 7-Minute Being Meditation

reintegrate_ 7-minute being meditation.png

This is a meditation to get the being part of our humanity back.

We need to reintegrate human and being, unify both sides of ourselves back into a cohesive whole. By doing this within, it might be possible to bring divisiveness in the outer world into a more loving and peaceful energy.

The only way to bring peace and unity into the world is to unify ourselves. And it’s extremely possible that we’re over doing the human part of human being.

So let’s focus this meditation on just being. No doing, no proactivity, no changing or thinking. Just be. See your thoughts, feel your body. It’s just an open, soft, receptive sitting. Just be. Just be. Just watch your breath. Just feel your body. Just be.

Then we can start to feel a peace or integration throughout our being. A sense of balance.

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