Sweet Dreams Meditation for Sleep

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I can hear a faucet dripping water all the way across my house. For some reason, when I am trying to go to sleep, it's like I have superpowers. All my senses come alive. This is why I am the lightest sleeper on the planet. This is why it is so hard for me to go to sleep. As a mama, my ears are trained to listen for any tiny little sound. I can even hear sounds on different frequencies like a dog. It's a gift but a curse.

And the thoughts? My brain is like a crushed empty beer can with the tab jangling around inside it all day long. But when it's time to sleep? Oh this is all the stuff that hasn't been there all day! Can't say I'm thoughtless. At least not 100% of the time. 

So I needed a technique. Something to make the sleep happen. I need the sleep. You need the sleep. Let's make it happen. Click below to listen. Or save and listen when you're about to go to sleep. Should do the trick. 

It's about 10 minutes long and involves relaxation, breathing and mantra. A beautiful way to prepare for sleep every night! Enjoy and have a great night of sleep (and a great day). 



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Anyone have any sleep tricks they want to share? How did this meditation suit you? Did you get sleepy, verryyy sleeeepppyyy? Comment below!

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