The Mindful Future: 7-Minute Meditation

the mindful future_ 7-Minute Meditation.png

This meditation brings us into the present moment, roots us there, and then we get to explore the future, while staying root in the now.

Mindfulness is essential for a full experience of life. But life isn’t only happening on the outside of us. It’s also happening inside us. What’s happening in our minds is just as important, if not more important than what’s going on in the outside world.

The inside world is often where everything starts. So we explore consciously our breath, our body, our thoughts and then our imaginations.

Imagine the very best, what speaks to you the most right now. What’s important is not to judge or criticize yourself for whatever future you choose to imagine. Just be open and accepting—that’s part of being present. Letting whatever comes, come.


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