Importance of Minerals

So as I have been reading and mulling over Kimberly Snyder's book,

The Beauty Detox Solution, which has been enlightening so far, I have's all about minerals! 

-95% of your body's activity involve minerals

-Certain enzymes, which are the catalysts for hundreds of different processes in the body, including digestion and the renewal of skin cells and collagen (huh?), depend on the right quantities of trace minerals being present in the body

-Water and soil, absorbed by plants is how you get these minerals

-Top minerals: Silicon (hair thick, great skin, strong joints), Zinc (rebuilds collagen in skin), Iron (energy, healthy blood), Magnesium (opens up detox passages in body, vitamin D conversion), Potassium (maintains fluid levels, crucial for eliminating wastes), Calcium (strong bones, good posture)

Beautiful rocks, thank goodness for 'em.

So eat plants, grow plants, love plants! Nuts, seeds, herbs and roots too, which are plants so you get my point. You can't go out there and eat dirt. Got to have plants, as many as possible. Minerals, baby. Oh, and do get organic with all that. So you get as many minerals from clean dirt and water as possible.