The choc-a-maca: Healthy & Warm wintertime Drink

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I love adaptogens. I was so intrigued by them when I got my nutrition certification. Maybe because adaptogens are substances known to balance hormones and therefore calm stress. And I am not in this profession by accident. I need my profession because I can get stressed out with the best of them. I can get crazy in no time. A little comment can send me past the brink. I need yoga. I need supportive foods, and I'm pretty positive everyone else probably does too. 

Especially right now. Prime time for the different levels of stress: familial/emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual stress is what occurs when all the others are activated. The soul begins to hurt. We can't run away. We have to walk through tenderly getting our stuff freaking done, living our lives.

That's when I bring in the maca root. And some yoga. The maca root I have personally tested and loved. 

Maca: root veggie from the Andes. It's said to boost the libido and improve mood (yes please and yes please). Some studies have shown its ability to increase sexual desire in men, lower depression levels and ease symptoms of menopause. 

I honestly don't know how I feel about the taste. It's weird and nutty and different, but it can turn the whole day around in a hot drink. It needs to be paired with something sweet. 

And so I introduce to you the Choc-a-Maca.


I'm not that good with recipes and such. I don't really enjoy cooking. I just don't take to it. But how can someone who likes nutrition and nutrients and to study the effects of what we eat on the body hate cooking, you might ask. I enjoy one thing and not the other. It doesn't mean I don't do it, it means I do it because I know what it means. 

So here's the gist: heat up some coconut or almond milk (I prefer coconut over almond when dealing with chocolate and maca but I had run out at this point so almond milk is good) in a sauce pan. Cut up some dark chocolate pieces (fair-traded and above 80% anti-oxidant benefits), and let it melt in the heated milk (basically make some hot chocolate). When the milk is brown, pour into a mug. 

Drop a teaspoon into a cup of dark hot chocolate. And then a drop or 2 of local honey. Stir around really well, mashing up any clumps of maca root against the mug. Take a sip and check to see if you need to add more chocolate. Or honey. 

This I recommend during the morning hours because chocolate has caffeine (especially really dark chocolate), and I don't recommend caffeine after noon. Because I value sleep up there with love, water, and chocolate itself. 

Love to you! Weekend is almost here.Make a choc-a-maca to get you through. 

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