Benefits of Cinnamon

It tastes delicious. It's a staple taste and smell of the holidays. So you're probably using it in something if you're cooking something sweet this week. So just in case what you're making is buttery french toast or buttery cinnamon toast or beignets or something you're feeling slightly guilty about because of the massive amount of evil sugar, let's take a moment to celebrate what is good and nutritious in that sweet thang. Cinnamon darlings. 

This is why you should put cinnamon in your eggnog, your oatmeal every morning, all your cookies, and any dishes you can:

  • sedative for smooth muscle
  • circulatory stimulant
  • carminative (prevents or relieves gas)
  • aids digestion
  • prevents ulcers
  • diuretic
  • antibiotic
  • recent studies have found that it reduces blood glucose in diabetics!
  • diaphoretic: helps a person to sweat (good for detox)
  • helps to reduce triglycerides and total cholesterol

The healing components of cinnamon can be attributed to the oils in the bark from which cinnamon is made. 

A plethora of interesting studies have been done on cinnamon and most intriguing, are its effects in Chinese medicine. For example, cinnamon combined with Chinese peony and Chinese thorough-wax (I'm reading this and have absolutely no idea what that is...hold on...okay it is a Chinese flower known to reduce stagnation of chi in the liver) have been shown to reduce effects of epilepsy. 

It is used not only in holiday baked goods, but is essential in most Indian, Moroccan, Indonesian, Middle Eastern, and Greek dishes. 

Interesting little drink for those who feel like they might have a cold or cough coming their way:

Unfiltered water, simmer two cinnamon sticks. Juice 2 inches of ginger root, and half of a lemon. Pour the ginger and lemon juice into the simmering warm water. Add one tiny drop of honey and sprinkle more cinnamon. Voila! Cinnamon ginger tea!

Cinnamon has been popular since Ancient Egypt and China. And has been growing in popularity evert since. In this household, it is the most popular seasonings besides for nutritional yeast (read about this later). 

So don't be too down on yourself for caving into culture's customs of gorging yourself with pure sugar this holiday. Instead, know with the bad comes the good, and this time of year only swings around once.