Solar Plexus Chakra Foods

This chakra is all about will-power and self-esteem. The physical area of the chakra is located below the chest, you might be able to feel it right where  the rib cages separate. At some stages of your life, perhaps during a time of education or work, you might feel it more strongly.

This area needs to be supported with grains and if you ingest dairy, dairy products. Attention should be paid to both gluten and lactose or casein sensitivities or allergies. Some gluten-free grains include buckwheat, quinoa, brown rice, millet, cornmeal (not starch), amaranth, and oats. 

Grains are a wonderful energy source for this powerful chakra. Dairy options like kefir and yogurt are also great options for the Manipura Chakra if you're into it. 

These foods should help you get going and moving on up! It's all about learning, will-power, energy and self-esteem with this energy center.