Avo: Best Nashville Healthy Restaurant

Avocados! We breathe them in my family. 

So I got really excited this past summer my friend told me about a magical raw foods restaurant in Nashville called Avo.. Nothing is cooked, everything is plant, and it turns out to be quite delicious. 

Check out eatavo.com to look at the menu. Finally, someone did the raw thing right. 

This was the summer pizza. Spouted crust with hemp mozzerella and seasonal veggies. I couldn't believe how good it was. The wild Nashville salad next to it there. That did not disappoint either. 

I've been twice. Last time I got the Lasagne with cashew hemp ricotta and basil and zucchini. I'm telling ya! 

This is the Avo Margarita. Avocado, rosposado, cilantro, fresh lime, agave and house-made orange dust. I don't know what orange dust is but I like it a lot! This is the best margarita in Nashville. I've never felt so healthy after a marg. 

The other thing is a fresh-squeezed juice that was also great. 

Cheers to Avo!