Deer Tacos: Weirdness

I was an avid non-meater. A staunchly pure vegetarian. But anything to extremes, in my opinion, is deadly bad. Extremism, I learned in my mid-twenties, is nothing but dumb extremism. Don't go all the way, I say.

That's the baby deer that hangs out at our house. He hangs out around our porch. We call him Buddy. He's a precious thing, loves to lick and makes his squeaky little fawn noise. We love him. Will especially loves him. He's a part of the fam.

But here's the thing: I only eat deer meat and fish. My thing with my half-ass vegetarianism is that I want to know where the animal came from and what it lived like while it lived. Not super possible with fish all of the time. But these deer run wild and free out here. Happy deer. We shoot the deer because we need iron and B12 and protein, and it is way more cost-effective than buying a poorly treated cow from the grocery store.

And it's freaking delicious. And our go-to easy meal of the week. Deer tacos. 

Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, red peppers, avocados, green onions, lime, cilantro, deer meat, sea salt and cracked pepper. Corn tortillas (hard and soft for the various tastes in our little family). 

It's delicious, and besides for fresh fish, this is my favorite meat meal. So easy, so tasty. So nutritious. I can take a deep breath about life when things are this easy and this good in the kitchen.

As for the new addition to our family, Buddy--we promised him we would not put him in a taco. We mean it. 

But it's so confusing to him, I'm sure. It's confusing to us too. Looking at our fawn while eating venison tacos while he looks at us like I can smell what you're eating.

If this freaks you out, trust me, it freaks me out too. This deer hangs out at our house. We don't fence him or anything. We do let him on the porch when he starts crying that he wants to join in the fun. So I don't consider him a pet at all. It's like eating a burger while gazing at your cow pasture?