Summertime Sandwich


There are things I still have to say about summer food. As I reminisce, something beautiful comes to mind. A sandwich I had in August. You've had sandwiches that you remember. I've had a few sandwiches that brought tears to my eyes, in fact. 

But this one only brought pride. The wheat bread (fresh and perfectly moist) and alfalfa sprouts were the only things I bought in the store. The mayo, I believe, was homemade. The Roma tomatoes came from my garden (we did not plant this plant but it magically appeared over a holly bush by our patio), and the cucumbers were from a friend's garden. 

I cannot adequately describe the fresh taste of this sandwich. Freshly cracked pepper and sea salt plus nutritional yeast sprinkled on the produce. 

Things are cooling down. But not before I give due credit to the freshest, most local sandwich I ever had. May it and summertime be memorialized here!