Lemons: Nutrition Magic

When my life gets out of whack, I know immediately what I've been doing wrong: not enough lemons. It always comes down to lemons.

Lemon is the more popular sister of lime. Limes are nutritional too, it's just that lemons have more Vitamin C and folate and limonene, a substance really important for both stages of liver detox.

When someone asks me, how can I feel better? I say drink the juice of a lemon. Right now. Shoot it. And they do. And they immediately feel better. They look at me brightly and say, "Thank you for changing my life." And then I turn around and get a medal or maybe a Nobel Prize. And all is well with the world. 

When life gives you lemons, thank life, because lemons are badass:

  • vitamin B6
  • vitamin C
  • folate (sets them apart from limes)
  • potassium
  • phytochemical limonene necessary and beneficial for both phases of liver detoxification (the outer-layers have the most essentials oil and therefore limonene so if you can juice a whole lemon, go for it)
  • flavonoids: super-important antioxidants to fight oxidation of our bodies and have anticancer activity

The lemon is God's way of saying I love you, in my opinion. Because there is nothing like lemons. Not even a lime. Not like a lemon. 

This drink up here was made from 3 whole lemons, 4 inches of ginger and 4 inches turmeric root. It was sour and hard to handle but delcious in its own spicy, sour way. I dubbed it the "Very very very yellow drink." By far, the most yellow natural drink I've ever had. Inflammation and oxidation should be scared of this thing.

Go get some lemons. And drink them or eat them. It will make you feel better right now.