Fast and Easy Meals: The Quick Spud

Your life will never be the same again. If you have a microwave, a jar of coconut oil, and nutritional yeast (which, by now, you should just go ahead and get) plus a jar of capers, your life just got a little better.

I'm hungry and standing in the kitchen, hating the past me who went to the grocery store a week ago. But then I immediately go back to good self-love when I notice I've bought a load of potatoes, always have capers in the fridge, and that there are three different types of coconut oil in the cabinet. And that badass nutritional yeast for seasoning makes me happy every time.

So it goes: pop that spud in the micro, do something while it cooks. Lavish it with oil, yeast and capers and it's the tastiest, fastest thing I could make. Feels like having one big, fancy french fry. 


Everyone loves butter on a baked potato, but the sweet oil will soothe that for you. Then, standing in for pepper, is the slightly cheesy and substantial nutritional yeast, offering a host of B vitamins for energy in your afternoon or lunchtime slump. 

Potatoes need something salty, and that's when the capers make the whole thing right. You don't even need to add your trusty sea salt. 

Also speaking to the energy of this light mid-day meal is the coconut oil. Extra virgin if you can get it. Coconut oil is thermogenic, meaning it produces heat and energy in the body. But you're like hey wait a second there! Coconut oil is a saturated fat and should be stored like all other fatty acids. Nuh-uh. Coconut oil has medium-chain fatty acids that cannot be stored, and instead are sent directly to your liver for energy production like a carbohydrate. And this fat used as energy speeds up the metabolism.

All of a sudden you're wanting to go outside and play, talk romantically with your partner, get a bunch of stuff done before you pick up the kids from school, pay your taxes, start a charity and generally make the world a better place. 

All because of your fast and easy spud.