3 Best Reasons To Drink Matcha: You Can't Match It!

Everyone's talking about matcha. What is matcha? It's a mean, lean, green, cancer-fighting machine is what it is. But really, it's a green tea concentrated powder (literally the leaf of the tea plant) that is best to put into hot water like tea or a smoothie. You can also make baked goods or dust foods or drinks with it. You need to know why matcha can't be matched for an early morning drink. 

  1. The Perfect Morning Warm Drink/Coffee Alternative: Well if coffee is your go-to, I get that. The taste of coffee is hard to beat. The smell of coffee is enough to wake you up. There's no better smell any time of day than the smell of coffee filling up a cozy house on a cold day. Wait, this is about matcha, isn't it? Matcha is worth a try instead of your daily coffee in the morning. The thing about coffee is that, though it has its own antioxidants, there is a drop in energy later, not unlike the blood sugar drop after having a piece of cake. You might experience this yourself if you get tired when the caffeine wears off in early afternoon. Check the quality of your coffee buzz vs. your matcha buzz to experiment. For me, my energy high from coffee is frantic, stressed and maybe a little bit angry sometimes. It's a hard high. You're driving hard for a few hours, then there's a hard fallout. What I do notice is that matcha gives me even more energy with less of a drop in blood sugar. It's a slower release of caffeine plus nutrition and so it is a slower, kinder drop. Something called l-theanine is what produces this calm when consuming matcha--it causes relaxation without sleepiness. It helps me to remain balanced throughout the day. But I have even more energy after drinking than I do with coffee! Because of its concentration, it's 3 times the amount of caffeine than in a regular cup of steeped green tea. Try it: what is your experience? Stay sensitive to the quality of your caffeine buzz with both drinks.

  2. Burns Fat: What? No way. Yes way. Green tea has been shown to be thermogenic which means it literally speeds up your metabolism, therefore burning fat faster and giving a ton of energy in the process. This is thanks to a little wonderful antioxidant called EGCG, which a catechin that we will discuss some more because for me, this is where it's at in terms of green tea.

  3. NUTRIENT POWERHOUSE: It is basically ingesting the leaf of the tea plant with all its wonderful vitamins and minerals, and whoa the antioxidants. The antioxidants are polyphenols which have been shown to prevent heart disease and cancer. They prevent cancer by fighting free radicals in the body that alter healthy cells, which may eventually lead to cancer. And then again there's EGCG, which is the all-powerful main antioxidant in green tea. As we saw above, it's wonderful. Besides for working its magic for your metabolism, it has been shown to stop the growth of cancer cells. Amazing.


Do you have any experiences with matcha? What have you noticed? RIP coffee?

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