6 Healthiest Foods to Kick Sugar Addiction

How do you know you're a sugar addict?

  • You get cranky or emotional in the late afternoon and evening, barring hormones and real problems.

  • You have to have something sweet or you are going to freak out (searching cabinets, looking for old candy, bartering with co-workers).

  • You have a major brain fog issue every day until you have something sweet (or it could be dehydration).

  • Your sweet tooth is never satisfied, like an evil ogre, and it's really not about the taste or quality of the actual sweet you are eating (for example, anything will do, even a nasty candy corn, does anyone even like those? Comment if you do because I would just like to understand...). This means binging on carbs and other products you think might not mean sugar addiction (salty chips or fries probably mean a hiding sugar addiction and salty cravings mean you're stressed too).

  • Your blood sugar highs and lows are like a rollercoaster ride. And you're the screaming basket-case the whole time, up and down. When you come down, you are worn out and shaky. And when you're high, it is similar to being on drugs.

  • Sleep is not so good. And as a consequence of the actual addiction and lack of sleep, plus a poor digestion system because of that bad combo, your skin is probably not looking so good. There might be a dullness and any lines could be more pronounced.

So what can we do? Obviously this is not good. And very real.

We are going to use food as medicine, because food was created for energy and for healing.

6 Foods to Get You Off Sugar

  1. For those of you who need to be in sugar rehab (like me once a month), we are going to have to take baby steps. It might be as simple as opting for a tablespoon of honey instead of 7 cookies. And then the next day, you might be able to do a teaspoon of honey and bring the amount of honey down until there is no more honey. And no more craving. Honey has some wonderful nutrients and though it still causes a bit of a glucose rush, it is a good substitute to soda, table sugar or a simple white carb...until we can manage the addiction and bring the blood sugar ride down, one spoonful at a time. Just remember to keep decreasing your honey intake every day.

  2. Notice above I said simple carb. But complex carbs are really great for getting over sugar. A wonderful complex carb that will give a sweet jolt of energy and satisfy the sweet taste are sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are also shown to balance blood sugar. This will turn to glucose for energy but it will be slow-burning glucose.

  3. Have any type of fruit. The fructose in fruit comes with all the good fiber and minerals and vitamins necessary to take in the fructose. Be prepared for your sugar craving by having blueberries or an apple or a banana on hand. If you want to be extra sure...

  4. Have almond butter ready to go too. Make sure that you're not exacerbating your sugar problem by having one of those butters that contain sugar or even a fancy sugar name like "evaporated cane juice." What you want is just the almonds (or peanuts if there are no allergies and that's your thing). No other weird ingredients. Least of all, sugar! In fact, any type of nut will work here because nuts contain protein and good fat that curb carb cravings and balance out blood sugar. Walnuts have ALA which is a type of Omega-3, so good for you.

  5. Coconut oil is fantastic I've found for just about anything at all, but really, when it comes to curbing sugar cravings, it's glorious. It has that nutty sweet taste and can fill you up quickly with its sweet saturated fatness. But don't worry that saturated fat is the good kind. I could go on and on about coconut oil but I'll only pick a couple of benefits to this choice. Coconut oil is anti-microbial which means it could protect you from viruses and bacteria. It is also energizing because of its medium-chain fatty acids which can't be stored by the body and must be used immediately for energy. And among other things, it's really nice in a warm bowl of...

  6. Oatmeal is a wonderful source of soluble fiber that will keep you full and give you just the right amount of slow-burning, blood sugar balancing energy. It is a carb, but it is also the good kind of carb. You could put the coconut oil and almond butter in your oatmeal with a touch of honey, maybe a few slices of banana (incorporating 5 out of 6 of these recommendations and BOOM, sugar craving over and you will not be legally insane in 30 minutes).

I've let sugar ruin whole afternoons, whole weeks, damn it! Don't let it happen to you. Be strong. Take the situation into your own hands. You can do it. Simple, processed sugar has never done the little man or woman any favors. 


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