A Yogi's Guide to Nashville: 3 Healthiest Vegetarian Restaurants

When I was growing up in Nashville, it was Rotier's (heavy milkshakes and better than grandma's mac and cheese), Vandyland (famous for its awesome milkshakes), Bobby's Dairy Dip (again, fabulous milkshakes and drive-in burger and hot dog joint), and well, Sperry's Steakhouse. Can you tell I grew up on milkshakes and meat?

There was not much room for vegetarianism anywhere really. The healthiest restaurants were probably the sushi restaurants. 

Well, you can say that I've changed a bit, but so has Nashville. Both of us have changed a LOT!

Nashville has an abundance of vegetarian, even vegan options for eating out, and I'd have to say, is one of the healthiest cities now. A plethora of yoga studios and parks and walking trails and wellness spas attest to this.

Try these to get your fill of vegetarian and vegan meals while visiting Nashville:

Photo from nashvillelifestyles.com

Photo from nashvillelifestyles.com


  1. Avo: This place off Charlotte Pike has plants growing above the bar it's so healthy. (I don't know if the plants were real or not). The menu changes, but don't miss the Avo Margarita which is made with real avocados. The Kale Caesar Salad made with tree nut parmesan cheese is so good too. Or the Wild Nashville Salad. The Lentil Walnut Cheeseburger is fantastic. But whatever you choose, you cannot lose. Enjoy the hip, laid-back atmosphere of this restaurant. You'll want to be coming back. http://www.eatavo.com/
  2. Sunflower Cafe: Berry Hill is a part of Nashville that does not lack wonderful, healthy, different dining options. Everything is vegan at Sunflower except for their gluten-free bread because it contains egg whites. Sit on the patio and enjoy the Buffalo Tempeh Salad or the delicious Sesame Kale Wrap. Or you might be in the mood for the Thai Ginger Bowl. There will be a bunch of sides, cold or hot, to choose from. Any number of veggie burgers to choose from. And a very cool, kind vibe. Enjoy your time at this sweet, quick joint. http://www.sunflowercafenashville.com/
  3. EiO and the Hive: This restaurant is not completely vegetarian but is all about community. Supporting the community by sourcing sustainably from local purveyors and growers, and nourishing the community by serving foods dedicated to wellness (actually started by a wellness professional). And what time of day do you want to go to Nashville's newest badass healthy restaurant off Charlotte Avenue? Because you can choose from the AM menu or the PM menu. You can drink a fresh juice or wine. You can drink coffee or an elixir. Mind-blowing options for your hungry belly abound in the AM: Not Yo' Mama's Flapjacks are made with hempseeds, oranges, bananas and butternut squash. They'll blow your mind in the PM too: Tabbouleh Hoagie which is a fabulous vegan option made with house thai pickles, vegan caesar dressing, oven tomato, lettuce and avocado smash. https://www.eioandthehive.com/

You can't go wrong with any of these happy, uplifting restaurants. Leave any of these places feeling refueled, light and joyful.

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