3 Most Surprising Foods for Radiant, Glowing Skin

What are the 3 best, most surprising foods for radiant, glowing skin? What are the most beneficial nutrients for radiance and youth?


You've seen those women or men who look 20 years younger--they seem to be lit up from the inside. You're asking about their products. What kind of makeup? What brand of cleanser or cream? 

But radiant, beautiful, youthful skin is not about what kind of cleanser or exfoliant you employ; it's about what you eat. Truly, it has everything to do with the nutrients you put into your body, and as a consequence of that, your digestion. 

Not only have I experimented with every single kind of food, but also I have studied all the nutrients that could possibly improve health in all kinds of ways. This has been a long road to finding out which foods give energy, improve digestion and as a beautiful bonus, give way to clear, radiant skin. 

So what are these 3 foods? Well I'll tell you right now:

1. Red Cabbage:

I swear any time I have red cabbage, it's like there is a beautiful, wistful light shining inside of me, glowing through my skin. And there is! But red cabbage (which is actually purple) does it better than a lot of other foods. As a bonus, if you ferment your red cabbage, you will get an even greater digestive benefit. Fermented cabbage is a wonderful source of beneficial flora.

But cabbage alone serves as a beautiful prebiotic for the flora already living within your intestines. Fabulous fiber.

Not only that, but cabbage contains sulfur which, mixed with the awesome benefits of vitamin C, has major detoxifying qualities. 

Don't forget vitamin A (made inside the body from certain antioxidant nutrients in the food) which helps to reduce wrinkles. You see, it purifies the blood of uric acid, which is a major contributor to wrinkles. 

2. Watercress:

Watercress contains incredible minerals like calcium and iodine. This helps to prevent dullness by replenishing the body's mineral stores (which, in the world we leave in, are constantly being depleted).

So it's highly alkaline which means that it can neutralize acid wastes in the body. And there are usually a lot of acid wastes in the body. 

Also radiant skin is all about increased circulation, and watercress supports this too with the help of glycosides which increase circulation. And as an added bonus to that, increased circulation helps cleanse toxins from the body more quickly. 


3. Figs: 

The seeds of figs are God's gift to the earth. They clear out mucus from the digestive tract. 

Mucus? What about mucus in the gut? Well, too much mucus in the gut prevents healthy nutrients like beta-carotene or quercetin or other bioflavonoids or sulfur from being absorbed by the small intestine. All those nutrients are super-important for glowing skin so they must get absorbed efficiently. 

Another bonus: clearing out the mucus from the gut also clears the toxins from the gut. Bloat and puffiness be gone too! 


These are the most beneficial, surprising foods for radiant, youthful skin in my opinion. But there are so many more! Check out the free meal guide above to know more and how to use them. 

I get asked about this all the time so if you’re looking to clean things up a bit in your body, to glow a little more, and to increase vitality, I can recommend a few supplements that have helped me:

Then there’s those of us who want to detox and know the power of bone broth on metabolism. Dr. Axe above has a good selection of bone broth/protein, but if you’re looking to buy in bulk with ongoing efforts toward detoxification, you should look at Au Bon Broth.

Bone broth is good for:

  • boosting metabolism and detoxification

  • promotes anabolism

  • supports and boosts the immune system

  • healthy, glowing skin

  • protecting joints

  • maintaining the health of the gut

*When it comes to inflammation, the best thing I’ve tried so far, in terms of supplements, is PuraTHRIVE’s Liposomal Turmeric with Fulvic Acid. I found PuraTHRIVE Liposomal Turmeric when I was walking around New Orleans and found a store selling B12 shots, alkalized water, etc. I found out two things about why my curcumin supplements weren’t working:

  • Isolated curcumin without all the other properties of turmeric does not work. You need turmeric, and you need it to be pure.

  • I learned that fulvic acid helps nutrients to be absorbed, aids in detox, supports the brain and hydration of cells. Fulvic acid, in short, makes biochemical reactions happen faster and more efficiently. This is because water passes into cells through a more permeable cell membrane. The permeability of the cell membrane means easier detox of the cells too.

Take this liposomal turmeric with a little bit of freshly ground black pepper. Be sure to shake the bottle well beforehand. Give yourself about 8 pumps under the tongue and hold there for about 30 seconds. I would sprinkle the black pepper under the tongue after or before the turmeric. Don’t try to mix it all up, just pump.


What are some foods that make you feel and look your best? Experiment with these foods and the meal guide and tell me what you think! What did you notice after the first couple of days?

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