How Coconuts Killed My Maternity Fat: 5 Healthiest Ways They Can Change Your Life Now

Coconut oil was in and out of my life. We weren’t very serious, though coconut oil wanted to be. I wasn’t ready to let go of my other lovers: ghee, grapeseed oil, olive oil, and yes, butter.

At the same time, coconut milk and coconut ice cream were fun little experiments that amused me. A one-morning stand in my coffee, a funny treat during a trip to Hawaii.

Coconut water was something I thought was some kind of new fancy product to replace Gatorade for sports enthusiasts. Interesting to taste, not really something I cared about keeping in my pantry.

Until I got very interested in nutrition, coconut products were something I looked at from afar, admired and noticed from time to time.

But when my first son was born, the doctor told me I had to cut out all dairy products if I wanted to keep nursing.

And, let me tell you, I love milk. I love cheese. I love ice cream. I love butter. I love dessert. I love milkshakes most of all. So this, to me, was a shot to the heart, and I was too late. I gave milk a bad name.

I had probably two milkshakes a week while I was pregnant with my first son. I had been and was abusing milk, and then I learned that my child was allergic to casein, the protein in milk. Not a coincidence.

I knew what I had to do. I really wanted to keep nursing him. It might have been my only chance to partake in that miracle. (It wasn’t, I have a baby at my tit as I’m writing this), but I knew I didn’t want to give it up.

I admit I had already been deep into holistic nutrition at this point. I was actually in the middle of my holistic nutrition counseling certification. Basically, I had to start putting my money where my mouth was.  Pregnancy makes you do crazy things. I had forgotten how to keep dairy to a minimum. The pull was too strong.

So I decided to make my relationship coconut products more serious, like exclusive. From then on out, we had jars of coconut oil in our pantry, coconut water and milk in the fridge. We had coconut oil in the bathrooms, all over the place.

AND THEN, I started losing my maternity weight fast.

 Sure, I know you’re thinking: of course you lost your maternity weight. Everyone loses it for the most part. I mean--I lost it fast, really fast. And some kind of fog had been lifted too. I had a lot of energy, even after not sleeping a regular night of sleep.

I wondered if it was the coconut products. So I did a little experiment: I started using almond milk, soy milk and butter made with soy. And you know what? A couple of weeks into the experiment, my weight loss plateaued and I was groggy during the day.

I knew about the magic of coconut, but since I couldn’t perform a 6-year study with a hundred participants, my own little controlled experiment showed that all the coconut stuff I was using had led me to a life of energy and youthfulness in the middle of my most sluggish and tiring days yet in my life (it got way more interesting years later).

SO I was a believer. Ready to put a ring on it. In love. Thank you, all coconuts everywhere. You’re amazing. Oh, let me count the ways.

7 Healthiest Ways Coconuts Change Life for the Better

1. Cooking:

Oh, the joys of coconut oil! Let's cover the oil first. Coconut oil has a low smoke point so it's the perfect cooking oil. Don't let the solidity fool you. Coconut oil is mostly saturated fat that melts like butter when heated. You can also warm in the microwave before putting into pancakes or cake (I realize a pancake is a type of cake, I just really like both). 

Of if you're not into baking but do want to incorporate some coconut meat into something....I've got just the thing for you:

 Any time an oil is called for, whether in a skillet or in a pan, use coconut oil. Why?

Because coconut oil has fats that are antimicrobial--patrolling for viruses, fungi and bacteria that don't belong. Lauric Acid is converted into monolaurin in the human body. Monolaurin has been show to fight all kinds of diseases. 

How coconuts killed my maternity fat-.png

2. Addition to your smoothie:

In a  cold smoothie, it will not melt obviously, and you may have to chew little bitty chunks. But just be thinking about this when you are actively chewing on those delicious chunks of coconut oil: your digestion is going to get a fantastic soothing and reboot. 

Coconut oil has been show to aid healing during IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), and along with doing its badass antimicrobial work in your gut, as a saturated fat, it helps you to digest fat-soluble vitamins so putting other vitamin-packed stuff in your smoothie will ensure they get absorbed. 

3. Coconut oil on the skin:

I was like, "I'm going to start putting this stuff inside of me and outside of me." 

My skin, usually dry and flaky in the winter, went to shining like Polynesian princess skin, like Moana. Also I had started getting eczema on my eyelids (oh, pregnancy--how can something be so wonderful and awful as the same time), and my makeup remover seemed to be making it worse. 

So I started using it to take off my eye makeup, and I've never gone back. And you know what? I think my crow's feet are a little pronounced. I have no scientific evidence to back that up, but using coconut oil on the skin and hair is another life-changer. 

4. Replace milk with coconut milk, and I mean the good kind:


Put it in your coffee, in your smoothie, in your tea.

I'm talking about the think, runny stuff that comes out of a can. Milk and water all over the place. You might have to stir it a lot or use some kind of frother, but it's worth it. That's the good kind. Here's the brand I love, that seems to be sustainable: 

Native Forest. No there's no kickback for me I just really like this brand. Of course, be sure to get it unsweetened or you're going to cancel out all the good effects of coconut milk, the main way being the reason I lost weight and had a lot of energy in the midst of my fuzziest, biggest days:

Coconut fat is made of medium-chain fatty acids which cannot be stored by the body. So they are used immediately for energy. 

Also, you may have heard all the rage about eating fats to create a sense of satiation in the stomach and prevent overeating. That is so true. Coconut oil is a healthy saturated fat that absolutely made me feel fuller. 

Not only that, but I needed plenty of saturated fat to create milk for my baby. So I felt full, and I was able to do my job without overeating. It was perfect for me. I've decided there is no better food for breastfeeding than coconut milk. 

5. Drink coconut water to relieve hydration & doubly improve your heart health:

As the days after my big birthing got longer, we started sweating more. In Mississippi, you better be ready to sweat beginning in May until December. We started drinking coconut water especially after long walks or if it was August, just sitting outside.

Because coconut water has an insane amount of electrolytes, most importantly, it has an insane amount of potassium. You might have to get used to the taste. But once you start on coconut water, get ready to feel great.

Potassium is very important for reducing blood pressure. There needs, in the modern world we live in, to be a better ratio of sodium to potassium. When potassium levels are balanced, we can relieve high blood pressure. And also support healthy nerve functioning too. 

All cells have something called the sodium-potassium pump by which they exchange sodium for potassium. Cells need both sodium and potassium to regulate cellular volume, potential energy, and for transport. Not enough potassium and too much sodium will affect this cellular process in a bad way. 

Most likely, a lot of brands sweeten their coconut water, and there are also naturally-occurring sugars so be sure to drink plenty of regular water too. Coconut water is only a supplement to your hydration not a substitute. 


So there you it, just a few ways you can change your life this week with coconut, including losing weight! If you're post-natal, I've been there. I'm rooting for you! Coconut stuff might be the answer.

Do you use coconut products on a daily basis? And what are your favorite ways to use coconut oil/milk/meat/water? Anything we should know? Please comment below. 

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