How to Detox Well & What to Consider Beforehand {+ a Seasonal 5-Day Meal Guide}

Detox became a major buzz word about five years back. Sometimes people referred to simply drinking water (with lemon juice or cayenne) and nothing else, which is actually a fast. Sometimes people were taking pills. Sometimes people were drinking shakes. Sometimes people were eating food.

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So it’s clear there are multiple ways to detox. And I do think it’s a good thing, but people have to be careful of how they do it. Everyone is different, and you have to think about your body, and what is right for you.

For instance, if you’re skinny, and you just want to be healthier, maybe you should not detox, but simply cut out foods that aren’t good for you. If you need fat, you should never deprive yourself of that.

In my opinion, as a nutritionist, I think fasting (not eating anything) when you’re hungry is a bad idea. Food is obviously important, and we need it. Fasting could slow down the metabolism so that when you do start eating normally again, your body is more than likely going to conserve those calories because it will be in storage mode. Because of the slowed metabolism, you will be sluggish, lacking energy.

I do know there are people who can and maybe even should go a day without eating every now and then to revamp the digestive system and clear out inflammation. This totally depends on a person’s body and their level of toxicity.

As a whole, for most people, detoxing is done best with clean, nutritious food. But certainly not a whole lot of it. The point of the detox is that your body is given the energy that is usually expended in digestion to clean out the toxins, to reduce inflammation, and to regenerate what needs regeneration.

My wellness opinion is that a detox plan should have plenty of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fiber (fruits and vegetables), plus protein and fatty acids. So we need all three macronutrients (carbs, protein and fat), but we need to be specific on where we get these macronutrients.

For instance, it’s been shown that meat slows digestion and takes a lot of energy from the body to digest (imagine a lion sleeping after eating an antelope) so most of my detox meal guides don’t have meat. We are, in fact, freeing energy so that the body may regenerate and clean itself. (Some detoxes do have cold-water fish which can be foregone).

And of course, everyone knows there are good carbs and bad carbs. Complex carbs and simple carbs. My detoxes never have one processed carb, no processed sugars or white carbs.

Fatty acids too—usually, a person needs less Omega-6 which has been known to encourage inflammation in the body. We get a lot of Omega-6 from oils in processed foods and even in our cooked foods (it’s hard to escape it). So Omega-3 is where we must concentrate our efforts. We have to know which foods have which, or said more correctly, which foods are, by a majority percentage, considered Omega-3s.

All of this has to be considered. I’ll add here that counting calories is no good. What we need to do is consider WHAT we are eating more than that. It’s the quality of the food that’s most important, not the count of calories. For instance, an avocado is a good percentage Omega-9, and so it has a lot of calories. But it’s so high in fiber, good fat, minerals, and vitamins, that it’s a definite beauty food. It’s time to stop counting and start feeling.

That brings me to my next point. I like to look at what we eat as bandits and beautifiers (because I’m on the vain side, and I admit that). My obsession with health has a lot to do with two things: how I feel and how I look. There are foods that take away from my radiance (bandits), and there are foods that encourage it (beautifiers).

But mostly, it’s the person that has to be considered. Do you need to be on a building diet for any reason? Are you recovering from illness? Pregnant, breastfeeding, in adolescence, any health conditions, or underweight? Building diets are important, and people who need a building diet should never ignore that. A detox is what’s called a cleansing diet which is on the other end of the spectrum. So know thyself.

When planning to go on a detox, it’s best to look at the calendar. Pick out a time without social events or important work projects or big things that take a lot of stress and work to get through. Days one to three are often very irritable, as they often have less food. There might be fatigue, and someone bathroom stuff too. You might even get nauseated.

A detox is great opportunity to detox your kitchen too. Throw out bad oils, old spices, all the processed junk you’ve got in your pantry. Start over with a clean slate. Go shopping for what you need and stick to the detox.

You’ll come out on the other side with a contrast experience (before and after) that will make you want to be this healthy and radiant always. Whatever your reward: clear skin, healthier hair, more energy, better sleep, better mood—you’ll see that eating well isn’t just about your body. It’s about your whole self.

Whatever your reason for choosing to detox, consider it. Make an intention. Look hard at how you treat yourself first. A detox should always be done out of love. Love for the self, love for others—love for life and the experience of it.

That said, I believe for a lot of overweight people, losing weight could be a vibrant thing. Losing excess heaviness helps people to walk through life more freely and confidently, and that is a good thing. We lose a lot of toxins when we lose fat (but not all fat because we do need it).

You’re beautiful, and your body is amazing. Keep that in mind. I probably don’t know you personally, but I know in my deepest self that it’s true. Everyone is beautiful because every single one is so different and unique and special.

So losing weight could definitely be a healthier step for some people. BUT these people, no matter what anyone else or what they themselves think, are absolutely beautiful and wonderful the way they are. There is a whole lot more right with our bodies than wrong.

And the light that animates all of us is beautiful and is within every single person. You’re excellent the way you are. Know this. Love yourself before you come to the detox time frame. Seriously.

The following 5-day detox meal guide is winter-friendly, meaning it corresponds to winter in the tradition of ayurveda (an emphasis on warm, grounding, cooked foods). The meal guide is free to use (see some points below):

Free Ayurvedic 5-Day Detox Meal Guide for the Winter

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    Key Concept around the 5-Day Meal Guide above (included in the download):

    ·       Simple, fast and easy-to-make meals: you will need to buy fruits, gluten-free grains, lots of vegetables and green tea (if needed), apple cider vinegar (with the mother), charcoal if you opt for that, eggs, avocados, sea salt, coconut oil, olive oil, nutritional yeast, cinnamon and cardamom, seeds, almond milk and almond butter, and nuts for snacking.

    ·       Good opportunity to clean out old oils, processed foods, and anything that does not add health to you and your family

    ·       Naturally aimed to reduce inflammation all over the body and boost digestion

    ·       Warm, cooked vegetables

    ·       Cleansing fruits in the morning BEFORE the rest of the breakfast meal – the order of produce before protein is important

    ·       If a snack is needed, have a handful of walnuts, almonds, Brazil nuts (selenium) or pecans – please no additives like sugar or salt – eat your nuts raw

    ·       No sugar, alcohol, preservatives and common allergens like peanuts, shellfish, dairy or gluten – we’re supporting the digestive system completely

    ·       For those who need caffeine, cup of green tea considered in the morning – see what happens to your sleep when you get off caffeine or reduce your amount for a few days. Go without the green tea if you avoid caffeine.

    ·       If coming down off sugar, eat a piece of fruit with a few dashes of cinnamon. A cooked sweet potato is also wonderful for evening out blood sugar. Also nuts or almond butter can be used to deal with sugar craving. Watch ingredients of almond butter and make sure there is no hidden sugar or additives, only almonds allowed. Coconut oil is good for reducing sugar cravings too

    ·       There are no processed or packaged foods except healthy seasoning like nutritional yeast (B vitamins) and almond butter – please read ingredients and make sure there is no sugar

    ·       Avocados, greens and eggs are very important to this meal guide. Stock up and eat whenever needed

    ·       Not completely vegetarian because of the cold-water fish tacos. Please delete the fish if you wish to go completely vegetarian/vegan. Replace with tempeh. Add sustainably-sourced meats to one or two lunches if you can’t go without (iron or B12 issues). 

    ·       Reward yourself with a piece of dark chocolate on the morning after the detox and go for a walk in nature. You can reward yourself in other ways other than eating junk. Don’t fall back into addictions. Keep rising higher.

    ·       Not for pregnant or nursing mothers. Never cleanse if you’re going through a growth cycle (children and adolescents should never cleanse) or are underweight.

    ·       Eating well supports not only your body but also your mind and spirit. Your whole energy field benefits from a clean body, allowing you to have a wonderful amount of energy to accomplish all the good you’re meant to do in this world, allowing you to radiate your energy and love to this world. Eating well is a spiritual endeavor. When we clear and clean our bodies, we clear and clean our whole energy field which allows to more easily and lovingly accomplish our intentions.

    If you want a little more than that and are interested in a well-rounded, total self detox (body, mind and soul), you should check out the Free in 5 Days Detox program, which is also free. This meal guide in this free detox program doesn’t pertain to any time of year. Check it out:

    Free Detox Program:

    Lose Excess in Body, Mind, and Heart - Free in 5 Days

    What you must know about this program:


    • This is a free 5-day email course in which you will receive a meal guide, yoga practice and short meditation to help you clear out unnecessary weight in every part of you - every day. The first day will be an email to show you what you need to buy from the store, to have in your kitchen. It is a holistic detox.


    • Yes, this includes losing weight (you could lose up to three pounds), but this is more about dropping what weighs us down and holds us back not only in the body, but also in the mind and heart.


    • So those who are nursing, pregnant, trying to become pregnant, having any kind of serious health condition, or are underweight, should not take part.


    • This will not be a fast, though the first couple of days might feel like one. There will be plenty of protein, healthy fats and carbs. This is the healthiest way to detox, to improve the digestive system, and to lose weight. This is eating to lose weight.


    • I encourage you to take part in not only the meal guidance and diet part, but also the daily yoga practice and short meditation practice made available to you. Mind is connected to body is connected to spirit is connected to mind.


    When you detox one part of you, you detox all parts of you. Lots of time and love was put into this free course because I am concerned that people are carrying too much excess weight in their bodies and baggage in their hearts and minds.


    Nothing but love, and I hope it helps.


    Receive this free email course, and join my email list for free yoga classes, weekly meditations, updates, mindfulness tips, holistic nutrtion information + ideas, offers, and discounts on SR products. No annoyances, just quality. We never want to be junk mail to you. We only want to uplift you every now and then. Unsubscribe at any time if it's no longer cool with you.



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